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Philippe Villoz -

IT solutions Wallis in Switzerland offers IT solutions in Wallis in Switzerland.

👉 Official distributor for all electrosmog protection products AVENI.SHOP worldwide.

Philippe Villoz -

MACWIN in a few words:

  • Macwin helps you to live from your passion with IT solutions.
  • Macwin’s mission is to restore harmony between humans and computers.
  • Macwin loves its customers – businesses and individuals – whether on Mac or Windows.
  • Macwin simplifies your IT life by providing solutions, support, hardware, and advice when you need it.
  • Macwin provides you with the computer equipment (hardware) as well as the programs (software) to carry out your life missions.
  • Macwin allows you to choose the solution that best suits you.
  • Macwin is above all a team that listens to its customers, who rejoices in the satisfied smile it leaves on their faces as they leave.
  • Macwin offers a wide range of services and transparent pricing.
  • Macwin, so the computer is at your service and not the other way around!
  • Macwin assists you in eLearning, eShop and Newsletter.
  • Macwin allows you to free yourself from fears and doubts with technology adapted to your needs.
  • Macwin does not only guide you at the IT level, but also at the personal development level.
  • Macwin accompanies you in confidence and wisdom for the realization of your life missions.
  • Macwin allows you to forget all your questions andfind simple and effective solutions.
  • Macwin helps you do the activities that bring you joy, at the right time and in perfect alignment with the Universe.

– Trust your inner intelligence (highware)!

– May your development take place with respect for everyone.

– Why waste your life earning it?

– Step into multidimensionality and become an embodied luminous being.

Our assets

  • More than 30 years of experience and always at the forefront of progress!
  • An impartial listening and analysis
  • Passionate and competent specialists
  • Exceptional responsiveness and reliability
  • • Simple IT solutions adapted for the client
  • Unmatched support
  • An accompaniment in your conscious inner development
  • Satisfied customers
  • Services in French, German, Swiss-German and English

Welcome to the Macwin universe!

Our IT and web services

We have been serving individuals and businesses for over 30 years

Philippe Villoz -


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