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Mac and Windows data backup


What solution should companies adopt to archive their documents and data backups for Mac and Windows?

Network attached storage (NAS) and cloud storage have two widely available options. We offer solutions using Synology NAS.

Many SMEs have an IT system that they have built over time. One day, they pulled Ethernet cables to their site to create the local network and installed a switch to allow connected computers to access the Internet and the local server. Later, as their data volume kept growing, they added a network storage solution. This NAS (Network Attached Storage) still fulfills its role as a central archiving device for the various company documents and as a storage point for the local server.

Backup your Mac and Windows data as it deserves!

Entrust us with your data, we take care of everything.

With Swiss Backup (Acronis), Carbon Copy Cloner, SuperDuper, ChronoSync, Retrospect and TimeMachine, your files are automatically and regularly saved in the cloud in a highly available storage space. In addition to being protected, your documents are kept safe from prying eyes thanks to automatic encryption.

We provide backup software for Mac and Windows, such as ChronoSync, Retrospect, Acronis Backup, TimeMachine.

Whether you want to back up a collection of images, a large video, a CAD file, an external drive, or entire folders, you can store all your important files securely in your Dropbox account. By accessing your Dropbox files from any device, any platform, and any operating system, you can easily collaborate on your projects. Don’t have an internet connection? No problem. Dropbox lets you work with your files offline, from your desktop computer, Android device, iPhone, or iPad. Once you log in, your files and folders are automatically synced to incorporate the latest changes.

Losing work documents or precious family photos is never pleasant. That’s why cloud backup services for Mac and Windows make it easy to recover your files, if you lose your phone or your external hard drive crashes, for example. When you move or delete a file in your Dropbox folder or on the web, we’ll display a confirmation message asking if you want to proceed. This allows us to reduce accidental file deletions. You can even back up and sync certain key folders automatically, like Desktop, Documents, and Downloads. To give you complete peace of mind, all your important files are secured in cloud storage and backed up in multiple copies.

In the age of almost everything digital, making a regular backup of your Mac and Windows data has become essential! But, what are the best practices and what are the best solutions to store or protect your data?

Do not wait to see your data disappear following a false manipulation, a hack, a virus or a breakdown: save them! For this, several solutions are available to you, from the external hard drive to storage “in the clouds”.

Back up your Mac and Windows data securely.

Swiss Backup allows you to back up and restore your workstations, servers, virtual machines, NAS, and much more with complete peace of mind in our secure Cloud in Switzerland.

We offer you the following services:

  • Onsite data backup
  • Data backup in the secure cloud in Switzerland
  • Data restoration
  • Periodic verification of backups
  • Backup your Mac
  • Backup your Windows PC
  • Backup your NAS server
  • Quick and professional response
  • Guaranteed confidentiality

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