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Online conferences with ZOOM


No more seminars on the other side of the world that require a huge investment of time and money! Today, online conferences are going digital and, with the webinar, organizing one has become easier than ever.

We organize online conferences with ZOOM.

All you have to do is show up during the webinar or meeting and we’ll take care of the rest.

Webinar information, connection links, order forms, registration confirmations, replays, etc. are managed directly by us.

We directly program the sales pages as well as the payment forms for your online conferences.

How to organize an online conference?
We will advise you personally on this.

We also regularly organize Masterclasses, so that your audience can follow you in very specific themes.

The best tools to organize a remote meeting, by video or orally! Videoconferencing services are useful for contacting your clients or colleagues when you are teleworking.

Discover the products and tools that will enable optimal collaboration in office and home workspaces.

Webinar – or webinar – is an abbreviation of web and seminar. More than just an online conference, the webinar offers you the opportunity to share and deepen your knowledge without leaving your office or home. Unlike web conferencing, which has been used in companies for years now, this new approach allows you to reach a larger and more committed audience. It goes without saying that auditors who have decided themselves to participate in training should be professionally and personally involved. Note that, so far, the main topics covered in the webinar relate to new information technologies and emerging professions in the digital world.

Today, the replay of a webinar is just as important as live, if not much more!

You still need to know how to go about it and what strategy to adopt!

We take care of scheduling everything and informing the participants the day after the webinar or online conference.

Here are our services for online conferences:

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