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IT security


In order to effectively protect your company’s computer network, we have selected for you hardware and software elements providing the fundamental services for the IT security of your infrastructure.

It is no longer a matter of large groups or so-called sensitive companies; cybersecurity affects us all, and attacks strike everywhere.

In 2020, the number of cyberattacks quadrupled according to a report by the National Information Systems Security Authority (Anssi).

Individuals, companies and administrations, no one is safe from these computer attacks.

Properly protecting computer systems with a good IT Security software adapted to the needs of each situation therefore becomes inevitable, even a priority.

A VPN, to effectively protect you and secure connections made from outside.

Viruses, spam, Trojan horses, spyware… The types of infections that attack the computer network are extremely varied. Fortunately, various IT security solutions allow individuals and businesses to protect themselves well.

Workstations, laptops and removable storage devices are the first entry points for viruses, worms or spyware that threaten corporate IT security. And all these tools are used daily by employees, whether they are in the office or on the road. Foiling attacks and protecting the information contained on these systems, which are often poorly controlled, are therefore as many headaches for information systems directors. The latter then often call on specialized firms to help them implement effective solutions to protect their company’s entire IT network. “At the request of our customers, we start by carrying out tests which consist of entering their information system in a few days, in order to take partial or total control of it”.

Firewalls are software programs or hardware devices that filter and examine information reaching you through your Internet connection. They represent a first line of defense because they can prevent a malicious program or an attacker from gaining access to your network and your information before they can cause potential damage.

Hardware firewalls are included with some routers and require minimal or no configuration because they are built into the hardware. These firewalls monitor traffic to all computers and equipment connected to the router’s network, which means you can filter access to all of your equipment using a single tool. We offer IT security solutions based on Fortinet, FortiGate, FortiSwitch, FortiAccessPoint (FortiAP).

Your devices are protected by software, such as Malwarebytes Professional, which offers effective, optimal and long-lasting protection. To IT security and best practices to adopt daily, protecting against any intrusions thanks to effective, powerful and innovative protection solutions is essential, even more so in the era of hybrid work. There are dozens of IT solutions with very specific specificities: from anti-virus to password management software, including VPNs and even anti-malware. Most publishers market all of these security tools. So what are the main cybersecurity software?

The preventive measures presented in this article do not alone guarantee the security of your workstation: a cautious attitude in the face of unusual situations is a determining factor in IT security.

When you add the fact that employees can intentionally or unintentionally threaten the network due to their actions, you have all the ingredients for a predicted disaster.

Cybercriminals are indeed on the lookout for weaknesses in network protection devices such as firewalls for your IT security.

We offer the following services:

  • Personalized advice adapted to your needs with our IT security
  • Ransomware antivirus for workstations
  • Secure Ethernet switches
  • Security firewall
  • Secure WiFi
  • Networked data NAS servers
  • Saving data
  • Commissioning and configuration and delivery on site or remotely

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