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Data recovery


Losing data can quickly turn into a nightmare when it’s important or sensitive data. It is never pleasant to lose an important presentation, an ongoing project or irreplaceable souvenir photos. When this data is deleted, it is often panic.

Your hard drive is down – are your data lost?
Your phone is broken – are your data lost?

Software Data Recovery

You have performed the following manipulations: f

  • ormatted or erased your data
  • reinstalled your operating system
  • your score is no longer visible
  • your operating system no longer starts
  • your data is no longer accessible

…the problem is definitely software.

We copy your media to a temporary hard drive. We then analyze this backup copy in order to extract your data, which we send to you on a new medium.

Physical Data Recovery

Your support has undergone:

  • a shock or a fall
  • fire or flood
  • lightning or power surge

or your support:

  • is no longer recognized in the BIOS
  • makes strange noises (clack-clack)
  • fails to start

…the problem is certainly hardware.

If necessary, we open your support in a clean room. We repair it and copy it to a temporary hard drive. We analyze this backup copy in order to extract your data with data recovery, which we send to you on a new medium.

Since we use computers massively, we have all had the experience of breaking our internal or external hard drive.

Beyond the economic constraint, it is generally the loss of our data that bothers us. will allow you to recover all the data from a broken internal or external hard drive.

When your hard drive no longer responds to any requests, we can say that it is dead. You may hear vibration noises when you try to start your computer. Soon after, the boot attempt may stop and nothing will be accessible, including the data on the dead hard drive. Before moving to fix dead hard drive, you might worry about losing your data originally stored on the dead hard drive. Here we will show you a professional hard drive data recovery program, how to recover data from dead hard drive, how to know if your hard drive is dead, and some tips on hard drive recovery.

Having a crashing hard drive is probably a nightmare for everyone. We all use our systems main hard drive to store our important and frequently accessed content. Therefore, a damaged hard drive can lead to inaccessibility or permanent loss of our data.

Fortunately, there are specialized tools that can help you recover data from a crashed internal hard drive.

The first precaution to take is, of course, not to make the situation worse ;-). A hard drive is fragile, especially if one of its components is no longer in perfect condition. Also, any mishandling or inadequate treatment could complicate the work of recovering the data. Opening and closing the computer or installing new software could have an effect radically opposite to that intended and would reduce the chances of recovering its data intact.

THE ultimate advice, and not the least: never open a hard drive in the open air! ! !

Recoverable systems

– Hard disk
– solid state drive
– RAID systems
– USB key
– Touch pad
– CDs/DVDs
– Mobile phone
– Bands

Recoverable brands

– Apple/Linux/PC
– Seagate
– Western Digital
– Maxtor
– Quantum
– Samsung
– Fujitsu
– Hitachi
– ExcelStor
– Toshiba
– Dell PERC
– HP SmartArray
– Qnap
– Buffalo
– Synology
– LaCie

We offer a data recovery service:

  • We recover your data in a clean room
  • We send you your data on hard disk
  • We sell you a new device
  • We give you the data on the new device
  • Quick and professional response
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed

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