Online conferences and webinars are going digital

conférences en ligne ZOOM

What is a webinar?

A webinar can also be called, online conference, visionconference, webinar, zoom call, zoom meeting, masterclass.

The webinar allows one or more speakers to present a specific subject to a multitude of participants at the same time.

We use the well-known ZOOM system to organize your webinars.


How to organize a webinar?

A webinar will talk about a very specific theme and is aimed at a target audience that you can choose.

We schedule the date and topic of the webinar.

We establish the registration forms (paid or free).

During the webinar, we support you live and manage the participants.

You can fully dedicate yourself to spreading your message.


How to sell a webinar?

A webinar can be paid or free.

When you want a webinar to sell a product or training, it’s free.

When you do a webinar on a specific topic or a masterclass, it is paying.

We take care of programming all the registration forms.

We provide user support.

If necessary, we also schedule a REPLAY the next day.